Sean Granville-Ross

Sean Granville-Ross

Africa Regional Director

Sean Granville-Ross is an economic and agricultural development specialist using his expertise to encourage progress in Africa, his home continent.

Sean has been with Mercy Corps for 18 years, in that time holding a variety of positions supporting programming and operations around the world, including regional director for East Asia and country director for each of Mongolia, Indonesia, and Uganda.

He is currently based in Uganda where, as the regional director for Africa, he oversees a large portfolio of projects addressing complex challenges across the continent. His guidance in this role helps people improve their agricultural livelihoods; build resilience to climate change; access water, sanitation, and health services; reduce their vulnerability to disasters; and more.

Sean's motivation comes from his team, the local communities Mercy Corps serves, and the opportunity to be part of Africa’s development.

Before joining Mercy Corps he worked in the commercial agriculture industry, having earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Newcastle University and a master’s degree in livestock production from the University of Edinburgh.

Sean grew up in Kenya and speaks English, Spanish, Kiswahili, and Indonesian. When not working, he enjoys playing sports, kayaking, and being outdoors.