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We work to promote policies that transform lives and represent the voices of the people we work with. You too can make a better world possible when you take a stand on critical issues affecting the most vulnerable people around the globe. Sign a petition — we need your voice.

A person walking across dried earth.

Show solidarity with people most affected by climate change’s effects

Urge Congress to make addressing the climate crisis an urgent priority and fund programs to help ensure that those most vulnerable to climate change’s effects receive the resources they need to cope, adapt, and thrive.


Veronica in Nigeria

Urge Congress to fully fund the Global Fragility Act

For too long we’ve treated the symptoms of violence instead of the root causes. The historic bipartisan Global Fragility Act is changing that. Help us ensure this new law fulfills its potential.


Take action today to support girls’ education

In too many places around the world, girls face barriers in accessing education. Urge Congress to support the bipartisan Keeping Girls in School Act and expand educational opportunities for adolescent girls globally.

A person holding their children.

Help restore U.S. global leadership on refugee protection

Take action today to help families who have been forced to flee their homes. Urge Congress to provide robust levels of funding for lifesaving global refugee programs and to welcome at least 125,000 refugees in fiscal year 2022.


Protect foreign aid

Foreign aid not only saves millions of lives, it also builds a safer world for us all. Sign now to ensure Congress protects the International Affairs budget.

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